And so it unfolds

2 months ago, we had the privilege of cooking for a wonderful group of Americans who came to Cape Town to celebrate a few birthdays within their group. It was 9 days of working pleasure. Cooking for 24 people could not have been more enjoyable. Not only were they exceptionally friendly, polite and helpful but were genuinely interested in everything we did; from the ingredients we used, to the history behind some of the local dishes of the Cape Town cuisine. To Maurice and Gus, it was an absolute pleasure cooking for you both and your guests during your stay in Cape Town. We look forward cooking for you again in the future – you never know when we might be in New York or Telluride……. See you soon!

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Down South

Not only is there a conscious understanding of the importance of "farm-to-table" but the flavours are just mind-blowing - Bold, deep, interesting.

Eat breakfast like a King

Eat breakfast like a King, Lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. This is one of my favourite quotes because breakfast for me, is the most important meal of the day


With old-world indigenous flavours and new-world Spanish influences, the dishes from this menu offer strong, deep and aromatic flavours typical of Mexican cuisine.